One coin bar screen ♪ You can enjoy both cooking and drink at 500 yen (pasta is 1000 yen)! Next time will be on December 10th (Sunday)
500 yen

This is not a course.

Popular one coin bar is held once a month! You can enjoy dishes using seasonal ingredients with one coin ♪


One coin bar [♪] It is the cooking content of last month ↓


· Colorful tomato and cheese factory of mozzarella at the ezushima cheese factory

· Organic vegetables Bagna cauda

· Pate de Campagne (Country style putty)

Of-snapper carpaccio

· White putty putty (with 4 rusks)

· Three organic grown potato fried (taro, potato, purple)

Assorted pickles and olives

· Salam with fresh ham and figs

· Smoked duck and Hasegawa agricultural mushroom salad

· Chestnut and burdock frit

· Autumn sweetfish and mushrooms ahijo (by bucket)

· Braised Tripper and White Beans

· Pizza with size of snacks (child of tree and tomato and mozzarella at the ejushima cheese factory)

· Garlic butter of oyster and tree child

· Simmered chicken thigh and mushrooms in tomato

· Autumn sweetfish and autumn eggplant Arabiata Penne

· Taro gnocchi 4 kinds Cheese sauce

· Apple mousse with vanilla ice

· Bucket 1 cut 150 yen

· Homemade bread 150 yen


Asahi Super Dry students

· Asahi Dry Zero (non alcoholic beer)

- Glass of wine red, white

· Glass sparkling


Cassis soda

Cassis orange

· Cassis grape

Jin tonic

· Moscommeureur

· Lam Coke

· Lychee orange

· Litchi grape

· Kiel Royale

· Mimosa

· Shochu potato (gold black)

· Shochu wheat (most rewarded)

· Japanese sake Shizuda Izumi


· Soft drinks (juice · cola · ginger ale · oolong) 300 yen